Appointments Process

The Judicial Appointments Advisory Committee was formed in 1988, and the Justices of the Peace Appointments Advisory Committee, in 2007. These committees operate independently of the Ontario Court of Justice. As a convenience, information about their procedures and their work are included here.

Webinar: Learn how to apply to become a Justice of the Peace

The Justices of the Peace Appointments Advisory Committee (JPAAC) held a webinar on April 18, 2023 to explain the position and the application process, including what to expect during the classification process.

The webinar was hosted by Michael Ras, Chair of JPAAC. It was conducted for the 2023 process.

The recording and the transcripts of the webinar are accessible here.

While the information on the vacancies presented during the webinar is specific to the 2023 process, other information, such as JPAAC’s mandate, role of a Justice of the Peace, tips on how to prepare an application, and interview and classification process, can be helpful for future opportunities.

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