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The Ontario Court of Justice has jurisdiction over child protection, adoption and decision-making responsibility (formerly knowns as custody), parenting time (formerly known as access), and contact with children, child support, and spousal support. The Ontario Court of Justice does not hear divorce or property matters arising from a family breakdown.  For these matters, please go to the Superior Court of Justice website.

The Ontario Court of Justice’s  Guide for Self-Represented Litigants in Family Court Trials, What to Expect in Family Court and Definitions of Words Commonly Used in Family Law Cases provides information about family law trials and definitions of words commonly used in family law cases.

The Ontario Court of Justice will begin to use CaseLines, a document sharing platform, beginning in December 2021.  Please see the CaseLines for Domestic Family Matters in the Ontario Court of Justice for further information.

General Information:

The Ministry of the Attorney General has information on the following:

In order to best serve the public, the Ontario Court of Justice developed a family scheduling policy for the Court. This policy provides guidelines and best practices for the judiciary when scheduling family matters.

Legislation, Court Rules, Practices and Policies

Specialized Court at the Ontario Court of Justice

The Ontario Court of Justice has a proud tradition of opening specialized courts. The Integrated Domestic Violence Court (IDVC) is one example of a specialized court. The IDVC provides one judge per family when that family is facing a domestic violence charge and is going through a separation. Information about the IDVC is available online.