Policies and Process

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Application Form

The Justices of the Peace Appointments Advisory Committee advertises for applications for vacant justice of the peace positions upon the request of the Attorney General.

Applications must be received by the closing date in order to be considered. Candidates must complete the current prescribed Justice of the Peace Appointment Application Form and submit the signed original plus eight (8) signed copies for each region to which they are applying to:

The Coordinator
Justices of the Peace Appointments Advisory Committee
c/o Ministry of Government Services Mail Delivery
Room M2B-88, Macdonald Block, Queen’s Park
77 Wellesley Street West
Toronto ON  M7A 1N3
Tel:  416-326-4957 (JPAAC Coordinator)

IMPORTANT: Applications that arrive after the deadline date, regardless of when shipped, will NOT be accepted. It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure their application is received by the specified date. HAND-DELIVERED APPLICATION PACKAGES WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. The provincial government internal mail service is not to be used to send application packages.  Application packages are to be sent by mail or courier only.

Applications will only be considered if typed/word processed.

The only updates to an application that are permitted after the closing date of an advertised vacancy are updates to personal and/or referee contact information.  Candidates must resubmit the relevant amended page from the Justice of the Peace Appointment Application Form when there is a change in personal or referee contact information. The amendments should be submitted under cover of a letter indicating the nature of the change.

Candidates are asked to provide the names and contact information of four (4) referees. Candidates must submit only the supporting material specified in the application form. No other material, including reference letters, will be considered by the Committee.

Communication with the Committee

All communication from candidates is to be made through the JPAAC Coordinator. It is not appropriate to contact members of the Committee at any stage of the application and evaluation process.

Review and Interview Process

Candidates may be selected for an interview based on the review and evaluation of a completed application form.

The interview panel will consist of at least four (4) Committee members, at least one of whom is a lay member from the region of the base court to which the candidate is applying and another of whom is a judge or justice of the peace.

Language Proficiency Testing

Candidates may be required to undergo standardized language proficiency testing in the language(s) in which they indicate proficiency.

Reference Checks and Discreet Inquiries

Committee members may undertake reference checks and/or discreet inquiries as part of the process.

Classification Process

Candidates are classified as Not Qualified, Qualified or Highly Qualified.

A candidate’s classification for an advertised vacancy is valid until that vacancy is closed. As is the practice with similar committees in Canada, candidates will not be notified of their classification.


A candidate’s personal information will be treated by the Committee as confidential except to the extent as is necessary for the Committee to perform its duties.