Appointments Process

The Judicial Appointments Advisory Committee was formed in 1988, and the Justices of the Peace Appointments Advisory Committee, in 2007. These committees operate independently of the Ontario Court of Justice. As a convenience, information about their procedures and their work are included here.

Court Location Description


Please read the next five paragraphs plus the additional information set out by location below before answering Section 3 of the application form.

Vacancies are advertised by location referencing the name of a municipality where a criminal court of the Ontario Court of Justice is located (e.g., London, Cornwall). Assignments will be at this court location and other courts within the region.

The province is divided into seven regions. These regions are listed below. The locations that may be advertised, in the event of a vacancy, are listed under each region.

Justices of the peace are expected to be available to travel, sometimes on short notice, within their region. In addition, there is regularly scheduled travel associated with many locations. Subject to change, these regular travel assignments are also noted below.

The ratio of the total number of assignments connected to criminal court compared to the number of assignments connected to Provincial Offences Act (POA) court varies from one location to another.

Telewarrant assignments may be expanded in the future beyond the Central East Region to the entire province. You can expect to be assigned for at least one full rotation in telewarrants.

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