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Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. Where can I obtain a copy of the current Judicial Candidate Information Form (application form)?

The current application form is available either by downloading it from the Ontario Courts website at:  https://www.ontariocourts.ca/ocj/jaac/application/ or by contacting the office of the Judicial Appointments Advisory Committee at 416-326-4060.  (The downloaded version is MS Word format.)

  1. Could I add extra pages to the application form if my answer exceeds the space provided?

Applicants are encouraged to use only the space provided.  However, it is acceptable to add a page or two to the prescribed form.  Please note that your completed application is not to exceed 15 pages, as specified in the application form instructions.

  1. How many copies of the four release forms should be included in my application?

One original signed copy of each release form will suffice.

  1. Will my application be considered if I submit it on a previous version of the Judicial Candidate Information Form (application form)?

No.  The Committee will not consider applications that are not on the current version of the Judicial Candidate Information Form (application form).
Please note that this policy is strictly enforced as of April 1, 2019.

  1. Will my application be considered if I missed the application deadline?

No.  If your application form or letter is not received by 11:59 p.m. on the closing date, your application will not be considered.

  1. Why do I have to list the courthouse or tribunal addresses where I regularly appear?

This information is very helpful in assisting the members to go to the right sources when they do background checks on candidates.

  1. Should I identify myself as a member of an equality-seeking group?

It may well assist the Committee in its assessment of your application if you identify any such connection. The Committee actively encourages applications from candidates whose appointment would serve to reflect the demographic diversity of the community in which they will preside.

  1. Will the Committee consider my application if I do not have 10 years completed membership at the Bar?

No.  The minimum requirement to apply to be a judge in the Ontario Court of Justice is 10 completed years at the Bar of one of the Provinces or Territories of Canada.

  1. Can I provide more than four references as requested in the application form?

No.  The Committee only requires four references, as described on page 11 of the application form.

  1. Could I use a judicial officer as my reference?

Yes, you could include the names of judicial officers if you have their permission to do so.

  1. I had a conviction when I was a young person for which I was granted a pardon. Should I mention it in my application?

Please refer to the Security Release and Disclosure Form and question #6 on page 6 of the application form.

  1. I was advised by the Law Society of Ontario that there is a current complaint against me. Would that prevent me from being considered by the Committee?

If the Committee receives sufficient information that the complaint is frivolous or lacking in foundation, then such a complaint will not be a bar to your being considered and interviewed.  However, the candidate is responsible for ensuring the removal of such a complaint.  The candidate will not be recommended until the complaint has been disposed of.

  1. Should I include in the application copies of my curriculum vitae, reference letters, or any of my publications that might be of interest to the Committee members?

The Committee requests that you do not send in copies of your curriculum vitae, reference letters or additional materials.

  1. If I am not selected for an interview for a current vacancy, should I continue to apply to future positions?

We encourage applicants to continue to apply to any advertised judicial vacancies that may be of interest to them, should they wish to seek a judicial appointment.

  1. If I was interviewed recently, will I be interviewed for any subsequent openings to which I have applied?

Generally speaking, the Committee does not re-interview candidates who have been interviewed in the previous twelve months.  If you have recently been interviewed, your subsequent applications will be considered based on your previous interview and other information that is available to the Committee members.  However, the Committee may, in its discretion, re-interview where it deems it appropriate.

  1. How many applications are received for each advertised vacancy?

This information is not given to the applicants or the public.

  1. How many candidates will be interviewed for a particular vacancy?

The number of candidates to be interviewed for a judicial vacancy will normally be a maximum of 16 over a two-day period.  However, the Committee will also consider, in preparing its recommendations, candidates that have been interviewed in the previous twelve months.

  1. What types of questions will be asked at the interview?

Interviewees will generally be asked questions on topics such as, but not limited to, details contained in their applications, current events, social justice issues and challenges confronting the justice system.

  1. After my interview with the Committee, will I be advised of my application status?

No.  Interviewees will not be advised of their status in the selection process.