Appointments Process

The Judicial Appointments Advisory Committee was formed in 1988, and the Justices of the Peace Appointments Advisory Committee, in 2007. These committees operate independently of the Ontario Court of Justice. As a convenience, information about their procedures and their work are included here.

Application Form


As of August 12, 2020, the Application Form submission instructions have changed.  Please review the submission instructions below.

As well, all candidates are now required to submit the current Judicial Candidate Information Form each time they apply for a judicial vacancy.  Applying by short letter within 12 months of submitting the application form is no longer accepted.

Application for Judicial Appointment to the Ontario Court of Justice

February 2024

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Application form submission instructions

    1. Download the current application form (Word format).
    2. Review, proofread and sign your completed application form and the four release forms.
    3. Save the document as a PDF file. No other format will be accepted.
    4. E-mail your completed application form, including four release forms, and if applicable, French language test evaluator’s report, as a PDF attachment to:

In the email Subject line, please indicate the LOCATION of the judicial vacancy you are applying to.

If applying for more than one vacancy location at the same time, please indicate ALL locations in the Subject line.

Other than a sentence indicating the vacancy location(s) you are applying to, and a standard email signature with contact information, DO NOT include a message to the Committee in the body of the email.  The is a no-reply mailbox for the submission of your application in PDF format only.

The e-mail address you should use to communicate with JAAC staff is

    1. You will receive an e-mail acknowledgement stating that your application has been received by the Committee.

As per the Committee’s Policies and Procedures:

  • The Committee will not consider applications that are not on the current Judicial Candidate Information Form. Please note that this policy is strictly enforced as of April 1, 2019.
  • The Judicial Candidate Information Form must be submitted in PDF format in order to ensure integrity of the application. No other format will be accepted.
  • Applications received after the closing date in the vacancy advertisement will NOT be considered.
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