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Integrated Domestic Violence Court
Courtroom 10
311 Jarvis Street
Toronto, Ontario

Practice Direction (PDF) regarding the scheduling of criminal and family cases in the Integrated Domestic Violence Court, effective April 26, 2013.

What is the Integrated Domestic Violence Court?

The Integrated Domestic Violence Court provides one court where families can have their family cases (excluding divorce, family property and child protection) and domestic violence criminal charges heard before a single judge.

What cases does the Integrated Domestic Violence Court hear?

  • Family cases (except divorce, family property or child protection) from either the court at 47 Sheppard Avenue or the court at 311 Jarvis Street, Toronto.
  • Summary conviction criminal cases where the charges involve domestic violence, the accused is out of custody and the case was originally scheduled to be heard at Old City Hall and College Park, Toronto.

Benefits of the Integrated Domestic Violence

  • The family will appear before a single dedicated judge for both the domestic violence criminal charge and the family (custody, access and/or support) matters.
  • The criminal and family cases will be heard on the same day in the same courtroom.
  • The Integrated Domestic Violence Court Judge will have more complete information about the family.
  • Having one Judge will enhance consistency between family and criminal court orders.
  • The Integrated Domestic Violence Court Judge will be able to monitor the family. This will increase accountability of the accused and enhance the complainant’s safety.
  • If a party qualifies for legal aid, Duty Counsel will be available for the family cases and, for the accused only, for the criminal cases.
  • The family will have access to family supports and services including Family Law Information Centre (FLIC) matters and court counter services.
  • There will be access to support in the criminal cases including the Victim/Witness Assistance Program (V/WAP), Partner Assault Response (PAR), security, and court counter services.
  • Delays in hearing the family and criminal matters should be reduced.
  • Arranging child support