Set Fines II

Ontario Court of Justice

Consolidated schedules of set fines have been prepared for convenience of reference only. The authoritative set fines are those in the pdf version of the Chief Justice's original set fine orders posted on the Changes to the Set Fines made by Set Fines Orders or Regulations.

Set Fines for Part II of the Provincial Offences Act
Table of Contents Schedule
Conservation Authorities Act
Regulation: Listed in the Table to Section 18 0.1
Regulation: Sauble Valley Conservation Authority (132) 2
Energy Act
Propane Storage and Handling (333) 3
Highway Traffic Act 6
Regulation: Parking (604) 7
Regulation: Stopping (622) 8
Metrolinx Pt.2
Motorized Snow Vehicles Act
Regulation: General (804) 9
Niagara Parks Act (829) 10
Ontario Agricultural Museum Act
Regulation: General (867) 11
Ontario Food Terminal Act
Regulation 148/22 12
Provincial Parks and Conservation Reserves Act
Regulation 319/07 13
Regulation 347/07 13.1
Public Lands Act 14
Public Transportation and Highway Improvements Act
Regulation: Use of Rest, Service and Other Areas (206/06) 15
St. Clair Parkway Commission Act
Regulation: General (1022) 16
St. Lawrence Parks Commission Act
Regulation: General (1023) 17
Toronto Area Transit Operating Authority Act
Regulation: General (1036) 18
Ontario Court of Justice