Schedule 13

Regulation 351 of Revised Regulations of Ontario, 1990 under the Environmental Protection Act
Item Offence Section Set Fine
1. Insufficient number of containers for litter 2(a) $150.00
2. Improper location of containers for litter 2(a) $150.00
3. Fail to maintain containers 2(b) $300.00
4. Improper disposal of litter in the containers 2(c) $300.00
5. Fail to make available proper  pump‑out facility 3(a) $150.00
6. Fail to ensure pump-out facility in good operating condition 3(b) $150.00
7. Fail to remove sewage upon request 3(c) $300.00
8. No proper transfer and disposal of sewage from pump-out facility 3(d) $300.00
Ontario Court of Justice