Practice Directions and Policies

The Superior Court has enacted a number of practice directions that govern how proceedings in the Superior Court of Justice are conducted. To find out what court practice and procedure applies in a particular area, please see the corresponding judicial region. Both province-wide and region-specific practice directions are listed.  Also listed are notices, guides and region-specific forms relevant to proceedings in each region

In 2013-2014, the Superior Court of Justice undertook to review and consolidate all of its regional and provincial practice directions.  The objective of the review was an administrative re-set to identify and eliminate obsolete and redundant practice directions. The review also sought to consolidate, simplify and better organize the practice directions that were to remain in effect. The Court re-issued consolidated provincial and regional practice directions for all proceedings in the Superior Court of Justice and all other previously issued Superior Court of Justice practice directions were revoked effective July 1, 2014.

NOTICE: All parties and lawyers who seek to file documents must ensure that the documents comply with the applicable rules of procedure, statutory requirements, and Practice Directions issued by the Superior Court of Justice. Where proposed filings are not compliant, they may be rejected by counter staff or the deficiency will be noted and brought to the attention of the presiding judicial officer who may make any appropriate order regarding the deficiency. The order may include a potential cost award against the party or lawyer who filed the deficient document.

To determine to which region your courthouse location belongs, please see Regional Court Schedules.