News and Publications

This section provides access to a number of reports and publications produced by or about the Superior Court of Justice.


This page displays an archive of the news and announcements from the Superior Court of Justice.


This page posts reports that relate to specific issues and areas of the Court.

Annual Reports

The Court’s Annual Reports provides comprehensive accounts of the Court’s structure and governance, as well as its accomplishments and objectives.


This page posts the annual opening of the courts speech made by the Chief Justice of the Superior Court of Justice.

Memorandum of Understanding

The Memorandum of Understanding between the Chief Justice of the Superior Court of Justice of Ontario and the Attorney General of Ontario was signed in 2008.

Callaghan Scheduling Convention

The Judicial Scheduling Conventions for the Ontario Court of Justice (General Division) were established by the Honourable F.W. Callaghan, Chief Justice of the Ontario Court, in October, 1992.