Practice and Procedure

In addition to the particular statute(s) that apply to a proceeding, the conduct of Superior Court of Justice court proceedings is governed by the following:

  • Rules and Forms
    Each type of proceeding (family, civil, criminal, Small Claims Court) has a set of rules that govern how cases are to be conducted (e.g. deadlines and timelines, types of court documents and forms, serving and filing, etc.).
  • Policies and Practice Directions
    The Superior Court of Justice has established practice directions and policies that govern how proceedings in the Superior Court of Justice are conducted.  Some practice directions apply province-wide, while some are specific to a particular region or location.
  • Regional Court Schedules
    Each region has its own court schedule that sets out the dates and times for different types of proceedings at locations within the region. The regional schedule also contains court addresses, trial coordinator contact information, and a list of judges in the region.
  • Superior Court of Justice Video Conferencing Pilot Project
    The Superior Court of Justice video conferencing pilot project is launching July 28, 2015 in eight locations:  Toronto, Ottawa, Belleville, Oshawa, Newmarket, Sudbury, Timmins and Cochrane.