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About the Divisional Court

The Divisional Court is a branch of the Superior Court of Justice and is one of the busiest appellate courts in Canada. The Divisional Court hears statutory appeals from administrative tribunals in the province, and is the primary forum for judicial review of government action in Ontario. The Divisional Court also has some jurisdiction regarding civil and family appeals.

Every judge of the Superior Court of Justice is also a judge of the Divisional Court. Appeals to the Divisional Court are generally heard in the judicial region where the matter originally arose. A proceeding is usually heard and decided by a panel of three judges, but may be heard by a single judge in some circumstances.

The Divisional Court is scheduled to hear matters at various times of the year in each of the judicial regions in Ontario, except in Toronto where the Divisional Court sits regularly throughout the year.

To locate a court in your area, please see the List of Ontario Court Addresses on the Ministry of the Attorney General’s website.