“Clerking at the Superior Court has been a valuable opportunity to develop my research and writing skills. I received incomparable insight into the inner workings of the Court, and exceptional training for my legal career. Working one-on-one with the judges of the largest [superior] trial court in the country is an experience I will never forget.” – Erin Pleet, 2011/2012

Some law students worry that spending a year as a Judicial Law Clerk will not adequately prepare them for private practice. Fortunately, nothing could be further from the truth. When you serve as a Judicial Law Clerk with the Ontario Superior Court of Justice, you learn the procedural intricacies of the court system and are afforded the opportunity to observe leading cases as they unfold. You also balance challenging assignments for numerous judges focused on various aspects of criminal, civil and family law. These kinds of skills and experiences, as well as the insight that is gained into judicial decision-making, are invaluable to the work that is done by lawyers in private practice. – Christine Ashbourne, 2011/2012

“Clerking at the Superior Court is a great way to work behind-the-scenes at the largest trial court in the country. While I have had the opportunity to develop my research and writing skills, it is the one-on-one relationships with the judges and the exposure to developing areas of the law that have made my experience here so worthwhile.” – Emily Hill, 2001/2002