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The Manager of Legal Research, Office of the Chief Justice, is available to answer any questions about the law clerk program or put you in touch with any of our current law clerks. You may reach her by e-mail at

If you are a former law clerk, please keep in contact with us! We’d like to know where you’ve settled and your current occupation. To send us an update, please contact the Manager of Legal Research by telephone or e-mail.

2022 – 2023 Law Clerks


Ashley Ash
Adam Donaldson
Joshua Hearn
Charlotte Hobson
Ema Ibrakovic
Alexa Klein
Emily Tessier
Anna Hulchanski
Haritha Popuri
Hannah Thackeray

Central East

Nicole Dinn
Robin Goldberg
James Hutchinson
Roxana Jahani Aval

Central South

Ross Denny-Jiles
Raffi Dergalstanian
Jasmine Dong

Central West

Natasha Daley
Matthew Kay
Sophie Zhao


Camille Andrzejewski
Nehmat Bedar
Fregine Sheehy


Leslie Schumacher


Petri Bailey


Andrea Bracaglia
Gregory Cherniak