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The Manager of Legal Research, Office of the Chief Justice, is available to answer any questions about the law clerk program or put you in touch with any of our current law clerks. You may reach her/him by e-mail at

If you are a former law clerk, please keep in contact with us! We’d like to know where you’ve settled and your current occupation. To send us an update, please contact the Manager of Legal Research by telephone or e-mail.

2020 – 2021 Law Clerks


Bryan Birtles
Jacob Eidinger
Alison Jacobs
Anne Lewis
Adrian Merdzan
Dayna Murczek
Arash Nayerahmadi
Nora Parker
Lauren Wildgoose
Patrick Wodhams

Central East

Stephanie Brown
Nora Fathalipour
Bradley Hart
Alison Sheids

Central South

Leila Gaind
Matthew Moser
Mitchell McGowan

Central West

Halla Ahmed
Ioana Dragalin
Mariam Sheikh


Forest Poff-Smith
Kevin Droz
Sarah Gagnon


Claire McCann


Daniel Cox


Tersha De Koning
Reem Said