Legislated Fees

Effective date of fees – April 1, 2019 
Type of Request/Filing Cost
Notice of Appeal 229.00
Notice of Cross-Appeal 229.00
Notice of Motion including Motion for Leave to Appeal (MLA) 320.00
Notice of Return of Motion 320.00
Notice of Motion in Family Matters including MLA 126.00
Notice of Return of Motion in Family Matters including MLA 126.00
Notice of Appointment to Settle Order 130.00
Order on Consent 320.00
Order on Consent (Family) 126.00
Perfecting an appeal 608.00
Forwarding of papers/documents/exhibits to the Supreme Court of Canada (and transportation costs) 99.00
Making copies of documents not requiring certification 1.00/Pg
Making Copies of documents requiring certification 3.50/Pg
Requisitioning a closed court file (not yet in Cooksville)

a) Solicitor or party in the proceeding

No charge

b) Anyone else

Requisitioning a closed file from Storage 78.00
Commissioning Affidavits 21.00
Certificate of Stay 30.00
Summons to a Witness 31.00
Certificate (e.g. Certificate of Non-Filing) 31.00
For a copy on compact disc (CD) of a digital recording of a court hearing

For a single day’s recording


For each additional day’s recording, if the request is made at the same time

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