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The Court of Appeal for Ontario is committed to ensuring that it is accessible to persons with disabilities. The Court is served by a designated accessibility coordinator who can respond to disability-related accommodation requests and provide information about accessibility to services at Osgoode Hall. The Court’s Accessibility Coordinator can be contacted at 416-326-1029 or

If you have a disability-related accommodation request relating to your ability to participate in a court proceeding or your ability to comply with a court rule or practice direction, the request may need to be reviewed by a judge for approval. The Court’s Accessibility Coordinator can provide information about how to make a request to a judge.

Please provide as much advance notice as possible for accessibility requests. It may not be possible to provide an accommodation or support unless the Court receives enough advance notice. If it is not possible to provide the requested disability-related accommodation or support, Court staff will work with you to explore different alternatives.

Types of Accommodation / Accessibility Features

The types of accommodation that can be provided vary depending on a person’s needs, but may include the following:

  • scheduling of meetings and court proceedings in courtrooms or meeting rooms that can accommodate persons with disabilities;
  • assistive listening devices or sound amplification systems;
  • sign language interpretation or real-time captioning;
  • support for people who have difficulty speaking due to a disability;
  • additional accommodations related to the accommodation of specific disabilities.

Additional information on the specific accessibility features of Osgoode Hall is available on the Ministry of the Attorney General’s court locator webpage (choose “Toronto” and “Court of Appeal”). General information about accessibility in Ontario courts is available on the Accessibility Page of the Ministry’s website.

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