Civil Rules Committee

The Civil Rules Committee is considering making significant amendments to Rule 34 of the Rules of Civil Procedure, subject to approval of the Attorney General.

A Rule 34 Subcommittee has been struck to lead a consultation. As part of this process, feedback is being sought on the proposed approach.

To stimulate reflection on the approaches that could be taken, sample wording for each new rule is provided in this Consultation Paper: Consultation on Rule 34 of the Rules of Civil Procedure. The sample wording has not been reviewed by the Civil Rules Committee and should not be regarded as an indication of final drafting. After this consultation process concludes, further development of the proposal, including further drafting, is anticipated.

Questions about the consultation may be directed to

Feedback is requested to be submitted by September 2, 2022. Please submit the response to

Thank you in advance for your contributions.

The Discount Rate Subcommittee, which was struck by the Civil Rules Committee in May 2017, tabled its final report at the Civil Rules Committee meeting held on May 20, 2021: Report to the Civil Rules Committee on rules 53.09 and 53.10 (final). The Committee voted to adopt the recommendations in the report. The Committee has now fulfilled its statutory obligation under s. 66(4) of the Courts of Justice Act, R.S.O. 1990, c. C.43, to review changes to the discount rate, tax gross-up and pre-judgment interest rate every four years.

For reference, a copy of the Discount Rate Subcommittee’s interim report, dated April 27, 2020, is also available: Report to the Civil Rules Committee on rules 53.09 and 53.10 (interim).


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