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The Court of Appeal for Ontario is the highest level of court in Ontario and hears appeals from the Superior Court of Justice and the Ontario Court of Justice. The Chief Justice of Ontario, the Associate Chief Justice of Ontario, and approximately 30 other judges sit on the Court of Appeal. All Read more

Justice Patrick J. Monahan Appointed to the Court of Appeal for Ontario.

(May 15, 2023)

Public Attendance at Court Hearings

The Court of Appeal for Ontario will be lifting courtroom capacity limits effective May 23, 2023. As of that date, members of the public and the media may attend hearings in person at Osgoode Hall.

The Court is making the change as part of amendments released today to its renamed General Practice Direction Regarding All Proceedings in the Court of Appeal. The General Practice Direction is the new name for what was previously the Consolidated Practice Direction Regarding Proceedings in the Court of Appeal During the COVID-19 Pandemic. The General Practice Direction applies in all proceedings in the Court of Appeal. The Practice Direction Concerning Civil Appeals at the Court of Appeal for Ontario and the Practice Direction Concerning Criminal Appeals at the Court of Appeal for Ontario also continue to apply except to the extent that they are varied by or inconsistent with the General Practice Direction.

The full list of amendments to the General Practice Direction can be found at Appendix A of the Practice Direction.

(May 10, 2023)

The Court of Appeal for Ontario released a guide for unrepresented persons proceeding with motions for leave to appeal in provincial offences cases. The guide is available here on the Court of Appeal website: https://www.ontariocourts.ca/coa/how-to-proceed-court/provincial-offences-guide/.

(April 26, 2023)

Courtroom 2 Appeal Hearings Traversed to Courtroom 3, Effective Monday, April 24

Beginning April 24, 2023, Courtroom 2 will be taken out of service for renovations and any matters scheduled for Courtroom 2 will be traversed to Courtroom 3.  Any scheduling notices previously sent for hearings in Courtroom 2 on or after Monday, April 24, 2023, will not be amended but signage will instead re-direct in-person participants to neighbouring Courtroom 3.  Any established Zoom links will remain the same.

(April 20, 2023)

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