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The Court of Appeal for Ontario is the highest level of court in Ontario and hears appeals from the Superior Court of Justice and the Ontario Court of Justice. The Chief Justice of Ontario, the Associate Chief Justice of Ontario, and approximately 30 other judges sit on the Court of Appeal. Read more


The Court of Appeal for Ontario congratulates our colleague Mahmud Jamal on his nomination to the Supreme Court of Canada.

(June 17, 2021)

New Website Launched

(June 7, 2021)
The Court of Appeal for Ontario has launched a new website. We are interested in your opinions, suggestions and comments about the new website. Please send us your website feedback.

Restoule v. Canada Stage Two Hearing

(June 7, 2021)
In April and June, the Court of Appeal heard appeals in Restoule v. Canada (C66455 & C68595). The appeals concern the 1850 Robinson Huron and Robinson Superior Treaties. Pursuant to court orders, a recording of the stage one hearing is available on Vimeo at https://vimeopro.com/user135794168/c66455 and a recording of the stage two hearing is available at https://vimeopro.com/user135794168/c68595.

Consolidated COVID-19 Practice Direction

(March 31, 2021)
The Court of Appeal released a new consolidated practice direction regarding COVID-19 on March 15, 2021. The consolidated practice direction updated, consolidated and replaced all existing COVID-19-related practice directions and notices. On March 31, 2021, the Court released updates to the consolidated practice direction, listed in Appendix A to the practice direction.

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