Commercial List and Estates List Filing Direction


  • Effective February 5, 2021, paragraph 2 is amended to specify that affidavits of service should not be uploaded into CaseLines unless service is contested.

Effective January 18, 2021
1. Commercial and Estates List proceedings that require any material to be filed to the court shall be filed by:

Documents uploaded to CaseLines

2. Do not upload Affidavits of Service into CaseLines unless service is contested.

3. If you are the applicant in a matter with more than 10 parties and/or participants, you are required to login to CaseLines and invite all other parties and participants to the case. View a video tutorial at the following link. Information about adding parties starts at the 4-minute mark. You may wish to review the Frequently Asked Questions about CaseLines for more information about uploading documents

Documents uploaded to
4. For parties using, as soon as the moving party uploads its motion record to the location, it shall provide a link to the storage space to all opposing parties so they can access the moving parties’ material and upload their own.
5. The site shall contain a separate folder for material filed by each participating party. Each folder will be labelled with the filing party’s name only. Parties may upload material to their own folder only and may not alter any material uploaded by any other party.
6. All documents other than factums shall be uploaded to the site in searchable PDF format. Factums shall be uploaded to the in WORD and PDF format.
7. Earlier directions concerning the filing of electronic compendiums and hyperlinking factums continue to apply.
8. The link should remain active until the judge’s decision in the matter has been released.
9. The moving party will provide the judge hearing the matter and the Commercial/Estates List office with a link to the file site 48 hours before the hearing.