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Advertisements for Justice of the Peace Vacancies – NEW

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Ontario Court of Justice

Court Locations:
Barrie (4) London (2) Ottawa (Bilingual-2)
Brampton (4) London (Indigenous-1) Sioux Lookout (1)
Hamilton (1) Milton (1) St. Catharines (1)
Kenora (1) Newmarket (2) Thunder Bay (1)
Kenora (Indigenous-1) Newmarket (Bilingual-1) Timmins (Indigenous-1)
Kitchener (2) Ottawa (2) Toronto (3)

At the request of the Attorney General and in accordance with the Justices of the Peace Act, the Justices of the Peace Appointments Advisory Committee invites applications for vacant Justice of the Peace positions in the Province of Ontario.

A Justice of the Peace is an independent judicial officer who presides in court over various proceedings under federal and provincial statutes. Applicants must meet minimum qualifications as set out in the Justices of the Peace Act.

The Justices of the Peace Appointments Advisory Committee reviews and evaluates applications and classifies candidates as “Not Qualified”, “Qualified” or “Highly Qualified”. Classifications are reported to the Attorney General, who recommends candidates for Order-in-Council appointments to the Ontario Court of Justice.

In addition to reflecting the diversity of Ontario’s population, applicants should also display the fundamental skills and abilities, personal characteristics and community awareness attributes set out in the Committee’s General Selection Criteria.

Bilingual positions require a high degree of proficiency in English as well as a superior level of oral and written proficiency in French. As Indigenous people comprise a large percentage of the population in the areas being serviced by the courts in Kenora, London and Timmins, we especially encourage people of Indigenous heritage and people with an in-depth understanding of Indigenous communities and the issues affecting those communities to apply for these vacancies.

For detailed information about these vacancies, minimum qualifications and General Selection Criteria, the required application form, and the Committee’s process, visit the website of the Justices of the Peace Appointments Advisory Committee at www.ontariocourts.ca/ocj/jpaac. See the Committee’s website also to view future vacancies and application deadlines and to sign up for email notifications. Notifications will also be posted on Twitter (@ONAttorneyGen) and LinkedIN (Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General).

Applications must be received by the end of business on Tuesday, February 19, 2019. Applications that arrive after that date, regardless of when shipped, will NOT be accepted. It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure their application is received by the specified date. HAND-DELIVERED APPLICATION PACKAGES WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. The provincial government internal mail service is not to be used to send application packages. Application packages are to be sent by mail or courier only.

PLEASE NOTE:  The Justices of the Peace Appointments Advisory Committee is transitioning towards online unpaid advertising only.

Below is a table listing all vacancy locations with each corresponding region:
Court Location Region
Barrie (4) Central East
Brampton (4) Central West
Hamilton (1) Central West
Kenora (1) Northwest
Kenora (Indigenous-1) Northwest
Kitchener (2) West
London (2) West
London (Indigenous-1) West
Milton (1) Central West
Newmarket (2) Central East
Newmarket (Bilingual-1) Central East
Ottawa (2) East
Ottawa (Bilingual-2) East
Sioux Lookout (1) Northwest
St. Catharines (1) Central West
Thunder Bay (1) Northwest
Timmins (Indigenous-1) Northeast
Toronto (3) Toronto

To be informed of further vacancies, please register at:  Subscribe to Vacancy Notifications (via e-mail)

Maps: Northern Ontario & Southern Ontario (PNG)