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The Manager of Legal Research, Office of the Chief Justice, is available to answer any questions about the law clerk program or put you in touch with any of our current law clerks. You may reach her/him by e-mail at

If you are a former law clerk, please keep in contact with us! We’d like to know where you’ve settled and your current occupation. To send us an update, please contact the Manager of Legal Research by telephone or e-mail.

2017-2018 Law Clerks

Law Clerks


Anna Gilmer

Geetha Philipupillai

Larry Vieira

Laura Petryshen

Max Halparin

Mitchell Fournie

Sebastian Ennis

Brandon Pasternak

Sarah Rostom

Simon Gooding-Townsend

Central East

Allison Large

Randall Lau

Jordan Fine

Central South

Clare Hopkins

Catarina Ferreira

Jennifer Lee

Central West

Anjali Rajan

Mark Cornish

Humera Jabir


Madeleine Werker

Emma Costain

Emily Lieffers


Kate Mitchell


Anna Logie


Kelsey Flanagan

Natasha Donnelly