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The Manager of Legal Research, Office of the Chief Justice, is available to answer any questions about the law clerk program or put you in touch with any of our current law clerks. You may reach her/him by e-mail at

If you are a former law clerk, please keep in contact with us! We’d like to know where you’ve settled and your current occupation. To send us an update, please contact the Manager of Legal Research by telephone or e-mail.

2018-2019 Law Clerks

Law Clerks


Adam Karakolis

Aliah El-Houni

Chantelle van Wiltenburg

Maud Rozee

Patrick Harris

Rachael Yaworski

Samuel Mosonyi

Amanda Nash

Meghan Blom

Samantha Hale

Central East

Samantha Brown

Alana Rodrigo

Rose Branton

Central South

Mina Karabit

Claire McNevin

Central West

Katrina Sole Kahler

Jessica Bishara

Zachary Parrott


Siobhain Wetscher

Emma Dupuis

Jodie Al-Mqbali


Manon Arbour


Adam Mason


Renee Mahoney

Charlton Adam Lawson