Application Process

The Superior Court of Justice hires 25 law students each year to fill clerkship positions throughout the province; three of these positions are dedicated to the Divisional Court in Toronto, and one position in Ottawa requires oral and written fluency in English and French.

The Court seeks applicants who possess strong academic records, excellent legal research and writing skills, and the ability to produce high-quality work under strict deadlines. Bilingualism is an asset in all regions. Only those candidates who are currently completing their second year of law school are eligible to apply.

See Program Information for details on law clerk duties, position locations, and terms of employment.

The deadline for 2018-2019 clerkships was on January 24, 2017 and we are no longer accepting applications. Information for 2019-2020 clerkships will be posted in fall 2017.


Interviews for positions in Toronto, Sudbury, Thunder Bay, and for the Divisional Court typically take place in Toronto, while interviews for positions in other locations generally take place in their respective regions. The Court does not pay travel costs to attend interviews. Please note that law clerks are contract employees of the Ministry of the Attorney General.

If candidates indicate in their applications that they are willing to clerk in multiple regions, they may also be invited to interview in more than one region. Applications are considered separately for each region, and each region conducts interviews on a different date.

Interviews are typically conducted by at least one judge and a counsel from the Office of the Chief Justice and last approximately 30 minutes. You may be asked how you might approach a legal problem; however, you generally will not be asked substantive legal questions.

If you have questions about the clerkship program, please contact the Manager of Legal Research at (416) 327-5005 or by e-mail at