Amendments to Superior Court of Justice practice directions


On December 7, 2018, three Superior Court of Justice Practice Directions will be amended.

The Consolidated Provincial Practice Direction will be amended to provide that:

  • Case Management Masters are to be addressed as “Your Honour”; and
  • paragraphs 47 through 51 apply to all motions to transfer a civil proceeding under Rule 13.1.02 of the Rules of Civil Procedure and will no longer be limited to four regions.

Part II of the Consolidated Divisional Court Practice Direction will be amended to provide new requirements for motions for leave to appeal to the Divisional Court:

  • Paragraph 9 will be deleted. Subsequent paragraphs will be renumbered.
  • Counsel are reminded that all motions for leave to appeal must include, in the motion record, a copy of the signed and entered order from which leave to appeal is sought. In the materials filed with the court, parties should refer to themselves as “the moving party” or the “responding party”. Both the moving party’s and responding party’s motion records must include costs submissions respecting the motion for leave to appeal, unless doing so would disclose an offer to settle. Costs submissions should include the proposed quantum of costs (win or lose) and a costs outline (Form 57B).

The Consolidated Practice Direction for Civil Actions, Applications, Motions and Procedural Matters in the Toronto Region will be amended to eliminate the practice of booking short motions and short applications by telephone.

The Superior Court of Justice is now on Twitter


The Superior Court of Justice is now on Twitter @SCJOntario_en. At this account, you will find information about court news, practice advisories and directions, judicial appointments, rule changes and other issues affecting the justice system.

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Opening of the Courts – Remarks by Chief Justice Heather Forster Smith


Remarks of Chief Justice Heather Smith
Superior Court of Justice
Opening of the Courts
Toronto, September 13, 2018

Annual Opening the Court Speech 2018

Amendments to two Practice Directions in the Northwest Region


Effective September 4, 2018, two Practice Directions of the Superior Court of Justice, Northwest Region will be amended.

Amendments to the Consolidated Practice Direction for the Northwest Region will set out directives regarding the use of CourtCall, a remote-appearance service, to make telephone and video appearances in the Region.

The Consolidated Practice Direction Concerning Family Cases in the Northwest Region will be amended in respect of: scheduling long motions, the length of conferences, filing electronic copies of material via USB key and requests for telephone and video appearances at conferences.

The Practice Directions are available at

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