Joint Courts' List of Designated Media for Access to Digital Court Recordings

Members of media identified in the list below may obtain copies of digital court recordings (hereinafter referred to as "digital recordings") made from Digital Recording Devices (DRDs) after executing the required undertaking and payment of the prescribed fee.

Members of media will be required to provide to court staff photo identification and documentation confirming that they are representatives of the media organization set out in the list below.

The designated media list is intended to include those well-known and recognized media organizations that are most likely to make an application to obtain the digital recordings from proceedings before the Superior Court of Justice (Ontario) and the Ontario Court of Justice. While best efforts have been made to be as inclusive and comprehensive as possible in the development of this list, it is acknowledged that there may be some omissions.

Media organizations that are not identified on this list may still obtain digital recordings by bringing an application for an order authorizing access to the recording to the presiding judge. This list is administered jointly by the Offices of the Chief Justice of the Superior Court and of the Ontario Court of Justice, respectively.

This list of designated media applies to the policies on the release of digital court recordings in the Superior Court of Justice and the Ontario Court of Justice. It should not be referenced as a list of designated media for any other policy or protocol applicable to the courts.

Newspapers and Publications / News Agencies / Radio / Television