Clerkship Program

2021 Interviews: Cases for Discussion

If you have been granted an interview at the Court of Appeal for 2021, please prepare one of the following cases to discuss at your interview:

Fraser v. Canada (Attorney General), 2020 SCC 28 OR R. v. Ahmad, 2020 SCC 11

2020-2021 Law Clerks

Calum Agnew (U of T)

Alec Angle (McGill)

Christina Emberley (Ottawa U)

Anna Goldfinch (McGill)

Sean Grassie (Ottawa U)

David Hakim (Western)

David Ionis (Osgoode)

Holly Kallmeyer (U of T)

Caitlin Leach (Osgoode)

Julia Martschenko (Queen's)

Jeannie Pau (U of T)

Sarah Pringle (UVic)

Chris Puskas (U of T)

Sanjit Rajayer (Ottawa U)

Yadesha Satheaswaran (Osgoode)

Emily Wang (Dalhousie)

Ashley Wilson (UNB)

Taylor Wormington (Ottawa U)

Andy Yu (U of T)


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