Court Information

  • Counsel are required to robe for panel motions and appeals. Self-represented litigants are not required to Robe.
    • Counsel are NOT required to robe for single judge motions.

  • All parties whose matters are scheduled to be heard on that day must be present and signed in by the start of court.

  • It is recommended to arrive early to the courtroom.

  • Courtroom doors open half an hour prior to the start of court.

  • Court of Appeal hearings are staffed by 1 Courtroom Registrar and 1 Usher. They sit at a desk in the front of the Courtroom.
    • There are no Court Reporters and transcripts are not produced. The Court of Appeal is not a court of record.

  • An attendance sheet must be completed by all parties before the start of court. The sheets are located at the front of the Courtroom with the Registrar.

  • Where do I sit?
    • There are no assigned seats in the Courtrooms.
    • Parties making submissions can speak with the Registrar for more information.

  • Court of Appeal for Ontario judges are addressed as “Justice” followed by their last name.
    • All electronic devices must be turned off or be on “airplane mode” during all court hearings.
    • It is NOT acceptable to eat food or chew gum in court.

  • On the case list judges are listed based on seniority and seated as follows:
    • Judge A - President of the Panel
    • Judge B - Second most senior
    • Judge C - Third most senior
      Panel - Judge A: Centre seat, Judge B: seat to the left, Judge C: seat to the right

  • When Court commences all in attendance are asked to stand until the Judge(s) are seated.
    • The Judge will then address the case that is to start and call upon the party to make submissions.
    • Generally the appellant(s)/moving party(ies) is/are called first , then the respondent(s) will follow if asked to, and lastly the appellant(s)/moving party(ies) can provide a reply.

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