Notice to Profession in East Region

To: Members of the Legal Profession

Date: April 21, 2021

Re: Chief Justice Morawetz’s Notice to Profession Dated April 20, 2021

Members of the profession will be aware of the most recent Notice to the Profession from Chief Justice Morawetz dated yesterday. We are currently determining how that notice is to be given effect and the precise impact on court operations in the East Region over the next few weeks.

For the avoidance of doubt, the Notice does not automatically adjourn any hearing that has already been scheduled. We are reviewing currently listed family, civil and criminal matters in Ottawa and across the Region and will advise counsel if their matters are to be adjourned or if there are any other changes to the logistics of those hearings.

In the meantime, if counsel wish to agree an adjournment of a matter scheduled for hearing between now and 7th May 2021, it will be granted.

The direction from the Chief Justice is a response to the significant danger that the Ontario hospital system will be overwhelmed if the number of COVID infections continue to rise. We regret the uncertainty and confusion this is bound to generate, and I will keep you advised if and when we implement further specific measures.

Mr. Justice C. MacLeod
Regional Senior Justice, East Region