Often-cited Cases in Divisional Court

Divisional Court Jurisdiction

Divisional Court Jurisdiction under the Judicial Review Procedure Act

Prematurity in judicial review

Timeliness of applications for judicial review

Admissibility of Affidavit Evidence in judicial review applications

Availability of judicial review when there is a statutory right of appeal

Admissibility of Affidavit Evidence in appeals

Right of Appeal from final, not interlocutory, decisions of the Licence Appeal Tribunal

Reviews under s. 21(5) of the Courts of Justice Act

Administrative Law Principles

Standard of Review in administrative law

Standard of review in appeals

Validity of Regulations

Jurisdiction of tribunals to determine questions of constitutional law

Adequacy of Reasons in administrative law cases

Procedural Fairness

Reasonable apprehension of bias

Review of abuse of discretion

Interlocutory Relief