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Ontario Justice Education Network

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The Ontario Justice Education Network (“OJEN”) works closely with the Ontario Court of Justice. Judges and justices of the peace are involved in many OJEN activities, such as Courtrooms and Classrooms, Mock Trials and development of case studies.

As Chief Justice Bonkalo said at the Opening of Courts ceremony in September 2011:

We all have a responsibility to build public confidence in the justice system. The Court will continue to work with the Ontario Justice Education Network in programs such as Courtrooms & Classrooms and mock trials.

Together with the Court of Appeal and the Superior Court, we have participated in hundreds of such events across the province over the past year.

Over the next few years, we are looking to expand this important work.

OJEN’s mission and objectives are shown here. Visit the OJEN website for information about its many programs and resources.


OJEN is dedicated to promoting understanding, education, and dialogue to support a responsive and inclusive justice system.


  1. Foster public understanding of the justice system and the challenges it faces.
  2. Support and encourage the values of a public, transparent and accessible justice system through research and education.
  3. Encourage dialogue between justice system participants and the public.
  4. Develop, coordinate, or deliver justice education information and programs to students and others.