Schedule 62

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Regulation 719 of Revised Regulations of Ontario, 1990 under the Liquor Licence Act
Item Offence Section Set Fine
1. Operate other business from  licensed premises 23(1) N.S.F
2. Permit the operation of other  business from licensed premises 23(1) N.S.F
3. Sell liquor outside prescribed  hours 25 N.S.F
4. Serve liquor outside prescribed hours 25 N.S.F
5. Fail to remove signs of service  and consumption 29 N.S.F
6. Employ minor 30(2) N.S.F
7. Sell liquor not prescribed in  the licence 31(1)(a) N.S.F
8. Keep for sale liquor not  prescribed in the licence 31(1)(a) N.S.F
9. Serve liquor not prescribed in  the licence 31(1)(a) N.S.F
10. Bring other liquor on licensed  premises 33 N.S.F
11. Permit other liquor to be brought  upon licensed premises 33 N.S.F
12. Permit liquor to be taken from  licensed premises 34 N.S.F
13. Non‑alcoholic beverages not  available 38 N.S.F
14. Licensee permit unlawful  competition in licensed premises 40 N.S.F
15. Licensee permit liquor as prize 40(3) N.S.F
16. Overcrowding licensed premises 43 N.S.F
17. Allowing person behind bar 44(1) N.S.F
18. Permit drunkenness on licensed  premises 45(1) N.S.F
19. Permit disorderly conduct on  licensed premises 45(1) N.S.F
20. Entertainment in outdoor area  causing disturbance 46 N.S.F
21. Hours of operation not posted 53(1) N.S.F