Schedule 70.2

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IT IS ORDERED, pursuant to the provisions of the Provincial Offences Act and the rules for the Ontario Court of Justice, that the amount set opposite each of the offences in the attached Items of Schedule 70.2 under the Provincial Statutes and Regulations thereunder is the Set Fine.

This Order comes into effect on the 14th day of April 2011.

DATED AT TORONTO this 14th day of April 2011.


Annemarie E. Bonkalo, Chief Justice
Ontario Court of Justice

Schedule 70.2
Ontario Regulation 245/97 (Exploration, Drilling and Production) under the Oil, Gas and Salt Resources Act
Item Column 1 Column 2
Set Fine Previous Set Fine
1. Unlawfully drill or deepen well below depth permitted by licence 3(5) $500.00 None (New Item)
2. Fail to pay licence fee 5(1) $500.00 None (New Item)
3. Fail to notify of change in operator’s information 7(2) $400.00 None (New Item)
4. Fail to notify of change in well status 7(2) $500.00 None (New Item)
5. Fail to submit scaled drawing or map showing operator’s information 7(3)(a) $200.00 None (New Item)
6. Fail to submit scaled drawing or map showing work location 7(3)(b) $200.00 None (New Item)
7. Fail to submit scaled drawing or map describing work 7(3)(c) $200.00 None (New Item)
8. Fail to submit changes to information required to be submitted 7(4) $200.00 None (New Item)
9. Fail to apply for a spacing unit order 11(2) $600.00 None (New Item)
10. Fail to provide casing and blowout prevention equipment 17(1) $700.00 None (New Item)
10.1 Fail to ensure that blowout prevention equipment is adequate 17(2) $700.00 None (New Item)
11. Fail to ensure well flow is controlled 17(3) N.S.F. None (New Item)
12. Fail to report results of examination within 10 days 23(7) $400.00 None (New Item)