Schedule 60.2

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IT IS ORDERED, pursuant to the provisions of the Provincial Offences Act and the rules for the Ontario Court of Justice, that the amount set opposite each of the offences in the attached Items of Schedule 60.2 under the Provincial Statutes and Regulations thereunder is the Set Fine.

This Order comes into effect on the 14th day of April 2011.

DATED AT TORONTO this 14th day of April 2011.


Annemarie E. Bonkalo, Chief Justice
Ontario Court of Justice

Schedule 60.2
Lakes and Rivers Improvement Act
Item Column 1 Column 2
Set Fine Previous Set Fine
1. Construct dam without written approval 14 (1) N.S.F. None (New Item)
2. Fail to give immediate notice of start of construction of an emergency dam 14 (12) (a) $500 None (New Item)
3. Fail to comply with directions of the Minister 14 (12) (b) $500 None (New Item)
4. Alter, improve or repair dam without Minister’s approval 16 (1) N.S.F. None (New Item)
5. Fail to comply with conditions of an approval 17.3 $500 None (New Item)
6. Owner – fail to comply with obligations 20 (3) $500 None (New Item)
7. Obstruct inspector or engineer 20.1 (1) N.S.F. None (New Item)
8. Furnish inspector or engineer with false information 20.1 (2) $500 None (New Item)
9. Fail to comply with an order to prepare or amend a management plan 23.1 (2) $500 None (New Item)
10. Fail to comply with order to participate in the preparation or amendment of a management plan 23.1 (3) $500 None (New Item)
11. Owner – fail to operate or maintain dam in accordance with approved plan 23.1 (7) N.S.F. None (New Item)
12. Fail to comply with an order 28 (2) (a) N.S.F. None (New Item)
13. Fail to comply with management plan 28 (2) (b) N.S.F. None (New Item)
14. Fail to maintain or operate a dam in accordance with the regulations 28 (2) (c) N.S.F. None (New Item)
15. Fail to provide documents or information 28 (2) (d) $500 None (New Item)
16. Throw matter into lake or river in conflict with purposes of Act 36 (1) $500 None (New Item)

New Schedule 60.2 added pursuant to O.Reg.359/10.