Schedule 18

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IT IS ORDERED, pursuant to the provisions of the Provincial Offences Act and the rules for the Ontario Court of Justice, that the amount set opposite each of the offences in the attached Items of Schedule 18 under the Provincial Statutes and Regulations there­under is the Set Fine.

This Order comes into effect on January 21, 2022.

DATED at the City of Ottawa, Ontario, on January 20, 2022.

Lise Maisonneuve, Chief Justice
Ontario Court of Justice


Schedule 18
Forest Fires Prevention Act
Item Offence Section Set Fine Previous Set Fine
2. Unlawfully start fire in a restricted fire zone 12 $750.00 $500.00
5.1 Fail to report fire that is not kept under control 22 $500.00 NEW
5.2 Refuse or neglect to provide assistance or equipment 26 $300.00 NEW
13. Leave fireworks residue unextinguished in forest area 30 $300.00 $300.00
Word change only
13.1 Leave explosives residue unextinguished in forest area 30 $300.00 NEW