Schedule 17.4

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IT IS ORDERED, pursuant to the provisions of the Provincial Offences Act and the rules for the Ontario Court of Justice, that the amount set opposite each of the offences in the attached Items of Schedule 17.4 under the Provincial Statutes and Regulations thereunder is the Set Fine.

This Order comes into effect on the 21st day of November, 2007.

DATED AT TORONTO this 12th day of September, 2007.


Annemarie E. Bonkalo, Chief Justice
Ontario Court of Justice

Schedule 17.4
Regulation 213/07 under the Fire Protection and Prevention Act, 1997
Item Column 1 Column 2
Set Fine
1. Fail to install smoke alarm as required Article of Division B $195.00
2. Fail to maintain smoke alarm in operating condition Article of Division B $195.00
3. Fail to provide smoke alarm maintenance instructions to occupant Article of Division B $195.00
4. Intentionally disable smoke alarm to make it inoperable Article of Division B $195.00
5. Replace smoke alarm with reduced level of detection Article of Division B $195.00