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Resuming s. 5.1(8) Guilty Pleas by Remote Appearance

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Beginning July 6, 2020, early resolution guilty pleas pursuant to s. 5.1(8) of the Provincial Offences Act may proceed before a Justice of the Peace remotely (i.e., by audio or video conference) in some of the early resolution POA courts in the province.

Formal early resolution is only available in some jurisdictions across the province where the Offence Notice (ticket) indicates the option to request an early resolution meeting with the prosecutor. The decision to offer early resolution is a decision made by the municipalities.

The Provincial Offences Act limits the availability of remote proceedings, and as a result, many proceedings are not currently able to proceed remotely. If your case is eligible for a remote meeting with a prosecutor, you or your representative will be notified with the date and time of the meeting.