List of Frequently Cited Criminal Authorities

Effective: 1 March 2017

Burden of Proof/Reasonable Doubt

Certiorari/Directed Verdict/ Preliminary Inquiries

Charge to Jury


(i) Section 1 - Reasonable Limits

(ii) Section 8 - Search and Seizure

(iii) Section 10(b) - Right to Counsel - Detention

(iv) Section 11(b) - Unreasonable Delay

(v) Section 11(d) - Fair Trial

(vi) Section 24(2) - Exclusion of Evidence

Defences - Air of Reality Threshold

Disclosure and Third Party Records



(i) Confessions

(ii) Cross-Examination on Prior Criminal Record

(iii) Fresh Evidence

(iv) Hearsay and the Principled Exception

(v) Similar Fact Evidence

(vi) Unsavoury Witnesses


Guilty Pleas

Ineffective Assistance of Trial Counsel

Jury Selection

Leave to Appeal - Summary Conviction

Leave to Appeal - Provincial Offences

Ministerial Decisions

Misapprehension of Evidence

Ontario Review Board

Reasonable Doubt


Self-Represented Accused


(i) Aboriginal Offenders

(ii) Appellate Review

(iii) Conditional Sentences

(iv) Fresh Evidence

Standard of Review on Findings of Fact

Statutory Interpretation

Reasons for Judgment

Unreasonable Verdict

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