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Possible restrictions on Court Access: Non-Publication Orders, In Camera Hearings, and Sealing Orders

A fundamental principle of our justice system is the right of the public to attend hearings and publish information about court proceedings. These rights are limited in some situations by non-publication orders that are mandated by statute and are made to protect accepted privacy interests, such as the identities of youthful offenders or sexual assault victims.

From time to time, applications are made to the Court of Appeal seeking to impose or to lift an exceptional, discretionary non-publication order, an order to seal or unseal a court file, or an order for a hearing to take place in the absence of the public, or "in camera".

Members of the media will receive notice of such applications by subscribing to the Court of Appeal's RSS feed on the topic, "Notices re: possible court access restrictions"RSS, and will be given an opportunity to participate in such hearings.


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