Brief Biographical Note of Justice Susan E. Lang (Retired January 13, 2013)

Justice Lang is a judge of the Court of Appeal for Ontario. She is from Sault Ste. Marie. She graduated from Queen’s University in 1971, Osgoode Hall Law School in 1974 and was called to the Bar in 1976.

Justice Lang was appointed to the former District Court on February 21, 1989 and, on merger, to the Ontario Court of Justice (General Division) in 1990, now the Superior Court of Justice, in 1991. She was appointed to the Court of Appeal for Ontario on March 12, 2004. Justice Lang served as Acting Regional Senior Justice for the Superior Court of Justice (Toronto Region) from December 1995 to October 1996 when she was then appointed and served as Regional Senior Justice until October 1999. While a judge of the Superior Court of Justice, Justice Lang served both as a Director and President of the Ontario Superior Court Judges’ Association, as well as a Director and President of the Canadian Superior Court Judges’ Association. Prior to her appointment to the Bench, Justice Lang practised law in Toronto, primarily in the area of family law.

Justice Lang serves as a member of the Court’s optional dispute resolution team and has completed the Stitt Feld Handy Advanced ADR course. She also serves as co-Chair of the Ontario Courts’ Accessibility Committee, which oversees the progress of accessibility in the courts. Justice Lang continues as a Senior Fellow at Massey College.

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