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Main office line for assistance is 416-327- 5020 or Toll Free at 1-855-718-1756:

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General Assistance

The Court of Appeal for Ontario is a court independent and separate from the Superior Court of Justice and the Ontario Court of Justice, which are the two trial courts in this province. As a result, staff of the Court of Appeal cannot provide information about practices or procedures in the trial courts, nor provide information regarding the status of litigation in those courts. For information about proceedings in other courts, you must contact the trial court directly. A link to court contacts for trial courts is provided on the Ministry of the Attorney General website at:

You may also consult these resources:

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Filing Information
Rules of Civil Procedure & Forms
Rules of the Court of Appeal in Appeals under the Provincial Offences Act
Ontario Court of Appeal Criminal Appeal Rules
Practice Directions and Guidelines

Administration Information

Contact 416-327- 5020 or Toll Free at 1-855-718-1756 for questions regarding the administrative and procedural operations of the Court, and the Court's Intake and Records Office, inquiries or requests regarding the status of your appeal, including access to filed materials, difficulties and questions regarding filing materials for use by the court, filing of motions and so on. However, no member of the staff of the Court of Appeal may give legal “information” that amounts to advice as to how you should proceed. Before contacting the court you should review the resources set out in the links listed above.

Sandra Theroulde is the Deputy Registrar and Manager of Court Administration. You may contact her with questions regarding the administrative and procedural operations of the Court, and the Court’s Intake and Records Office. Sandra also deals with notices of dismissals, motions to dismiss for delay and appointments to settle orders. You may contact Sandra at telephone number 416-327-6017 and Fax No: is 416-327-5032 with questions that cannot be answered by the staff at the general number which is 416-327-5020 or Toll Free at 1-855-718-1756.

Warren Robertson is the Deputy Registrar and Manager of Judicial Support. As such, he is designated to deal with judicial support matters and staff, including court registrars and judicial secretaries. You may contact Warren at 416-327-5742 or fax 416-327-5032.

Daniel Marentic is the Registrar and Manager of Court Operations and the Site Accessibility Information Coordinator. Inquiries that are not administrative, procedural or judicial support in nature can be forwarded to him through the court’s Intake Office at 416-327-5020.

Judicial Support Information

Falguni Debnath is the Senior Legal Officer of the Court and is responsible for the legal research and appeals management/appeals scheduling functions of the Court. Although Ms. Debnath may not give legal advice to litigants, such as when, where and how to file an appeal (or an action/application in the trial courts, see above), inquiries regarding complex problems arising out of the conduct of appeals, or the practices of the court that are not addressed by a statute, rule or practice direction, may be directed to her at 416-327-5020.

Please Note: Ms. Debnath does not work at the Registry of the Court and cannot respond to questions arising from or difficulties encountered in filing materials at the court. Such questions must be addressed to the main office or to the Deputy Registrar at the telephone numbers set out above. Similarly, she is not a substitute for reviewing applicable statutes and the rules, practice directions and self help guides noted above, or for consulting a lawyer, since she cannot give legal advice or "act as your lawyer", but she is available for consultation when these resources do not provide a solution.

The Court's Practice Directions also designate the Senior Legal Officer as the contact person for managing issues such as pre-hearing conferences, appeals management, and post hearing submissions.

Ms. Debnath also acts as the Secretary for the Civil Rules Committee, which develops rules for procedures to be followed in civil actions. Suggestions for improvements to the Rules of Civil Procedure may be directed to her. Media related matters may also be directed to the Senior Legal Officer.


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