Amendments to Practice Directions and to a Central East Region Practice Advisory

Effective June 15, 2018, the following changes have been made to the Superior Court of Justice’s Practice Directions and Practice Advisories:

Consolidated Provincial Practice Direction

  • Paragraph 46 has been updated to reflect the times for family long motions in the Southwest Region.
  • Section C (Release of Digital Recordings) of Part V has been amended in respect of digital recordings of civil motions, family motions and Small Claims Court proceedings.
  • Part VI (Books of Authorities in Civil Proceedings) has been added.

Consolidated Practice Direction for Civil Actions, Applications, Motions and Procedural Matters in the Toronto Region

  • Paragraph 9 has been amended to require parties to provide the Court with a chronology of events and a compendium in long motions and motions for summary judgment.
  • Part IV (Certification of an Action to Set Pre-Trial and Trial Dates) has been amended to require parties to file a Timetable for Service of Expert Reports form.

Consolidated Practice Direction Concerning the Estates List in the Toronto Region

  • Section D (Guardianship Applications) of Part V has been amended in respect of the procedure for commencing a guardianship application.

Practice Advisory Concerning Long Motions in the Central East Region