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In preparing its report to the Rules Committee that led to the changes in fixing costs to be implemented on July 1, 2005, the Costs Subcommittee gathered substantial information and consulted widely. Based on this, the following may provide some guidance to the profession as these changes are implemented.

It is anticipated that in considering rates, as one of the various relevant factors, courts will normally treat the rates set out below as maximum rates when fixing partial indemnity costs. These rates are the maximums that were available under the costs grid. It is further anticipated that the maximum rates would apply only to the more complicated matters and to the more experienced counsel within each category. The rates used in costs submissions will normally come within the range established by these maximums as appropriate to the particular matter after giving consideration to the factors set out in r. 57.01(1) which now include the amount an unsuccessful party could reasonably expect to pay and the principle of indemnity. Finally, it is the intention that these guidelines will be reviewed periodically so that their currency can be maintained, in light of accumulated experience.

In addition to the hearing itself, these guidelines encompass mediation under r. 24.1, discovery of documents, drawing and settling issues on a special case, setting down for trial, pre-motion conferences, examinations, pre-trial conferences, settlement conferences, notices or offers, preparation for hearing, attendance at assignment court, orders issuing or renewing a writ of execution or notice of garnishment, seizure under writ of execution, seizure and sale under writ of execution, notices of garnishment or any other procedure authorized by the Rules of Civil Procedure.

Law Clerks Maximum of $80.00 per hour
Student-at-law Maximum of $60.00 per hour
Lawyer (less than 10 years) Maximum of $225.00 per hour
Lawyer (10 or more but less than 20 years) Maximum of $300.00 per hour
Lawyer (20 years and over) Maximum of $350.00 per hour

The Costs Subcommittee of the Civil Rules Committee

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