Legislated Fees

Effective date of fees - November 6, 2016

Notice of Appeal (Civil)


Notice of Cross Appeal


Notice of Motion (Civil)


Notice of Return Motion (Civil)


Notice of Motion (in a family matter)


Notice of Appointment to Settle Order (Civil)


Order on Consent (Civil)


Perfecting a civil appeal (Civil)


Forwarding of papers/documents/exhibits to Supreme Court (and transportation cost) (Civil & Criminal)


Photocopying documents (Civil & Criminal)


Certified copy of a document (Civil & Criminal)


Viewing a closed court file (not yet in Storage)

  1. solicitor or party in the proceeding
  2. anyone else (Civil)


no charge

Viewing a closed court file from Storage (Civil)


Commissioning Affidavits (Civil & Criminal)


Certificate of Stay (Civil)


Summons to witness (Civil)


Certificate (e.g. Certificate of Non-Filing) up to 5 pages (Civil & Criminal)


Request for (CD) of a digital recording of a court hearing

For a single day's recording
For each additional day's recording




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